TPA grantees: three evaluation questions
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Post by OTT Consulting.

Data collection has begun for the Hewlett Foundation’s transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) strategy evaluation, and we want to invite grantees to take part by sharing your experiences and perspectives on three questions on a digital board.

A screenshot of the digital board. In the upper left corner, there is a box with a question with space to respond below.
A preview of the digital board

About the digital board:

  • It’s open for two weeks — write your answers in your own time between 7–21 December 2020.
  • It’s informal — you can answer any or all of three questions.
  • Multiple people within an organisation can participate — all voices welcome.
  • It can be anonymous — just tell us the country or region you’re working in.
  • The foundation isn’t included in the space — the digital space is set up and managed by us, the external evaluation team at OTT Consulting.

Anything you share will be looked at by the evaluators alongside interview and document review data to inform our analysis and findings. We’ll be sharing our findings and lessons with you later in the process.

The questions:

  1. In the governance field, is the work of regional and international organisations useful to national and subnational organisations? Is there an example you could share?
  2. Has the Hewlett Foundation supported or facilitated you to collaborate with other organisations? What did that collaboration look like?
  3. Has your organisation taken action to improve gender equity and social inclusion among staff and programmes? How might donors like the Hewlett Foundation support the organisations they fund in relation to this?

Share your answers on all or any of these three questions on the digital board by 21 December 2020.

If you have any questions about the digital space, how your answers will be used, or about the evaluation more broadly, you can contact the evaluation team (

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