Natural Resource Governance Institute: In time of crisis, focus on your strengths

In this seventh “Coronavignette,” we continue to share conversations with leaders of civil society organizations we support on how COVID-19 affects their work.

Suneeta Kaimal is interim president and CEO of the Natural Resource Governance Institute(NGRI), a global research and advocacy think-tank that seeks to help individuals and governments to realize the benefits of their countries’ natural resources and to mitigate related harms. NRGI works intensively in twelve resource rich countries and is involved in some projects in several other countries in the global south.

We provide grants to NRGI as part of our transparency, participation, and accountability strategy that promotes government transparency and helps citizen use information to improve the quality of public services.

In the 5-minute video, Suneeta describes how COVID-19 is sharpening NRGI’s focus on:

  • The energy transition.
  • Resource-backed loans, which are often opaque deals with China.
  • Tax exemptions and other waivers including environmental safeguards.
  • New ways of working and advocating that don’t require in-person meeting.

In the coming weeks we have more Coronavignettes with EPIC-Africa, the African Centre for Studies of the United States, the Media Foundation for West Africa, and Open Institute.