Al Kags on the need for transparency and the risks of surveillance during Covid

In this twelfth “Coronavignette” we continue to share conversations with leaders of civil society organizations on how COVID-19 affects their work.

Al Kags is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Open Institute, a Kenyan civil society organization that works with government institutions, citizens, and grassroots groups to promote responsive governments and active citizenship.

In this 10 minute video, Al describes:

  • How Open Institute reached out to Kenya’s government to lend a hand in their Coronavirus response efforts
  • Open Institute’s role in striking the right balance between the beneficial effects of government transparency and the dangers of surveillance
  • Their partnership with Amnesty International and Data Ready to convene conversations across Africa about concerns, standards, and lessons related to data governance
  • What Kenyans and Americans can learn from one another, including about police abuse and disenfranchisement of the poor
  • The opportunity presented by Covid to reform capitalism

We’ll have future Coronavignette videos with Gilbert Khadiagala and Bob Wekesa of the African Centre for Studies of the US among others in the coming weeks.